Designs by post

If a full consultation, design and plant service isn't what you need I also offer a fixed price design service which has proved popular. This is a service which provides you with a garden design, notes and a Pinterest board of landscaping ideas and planting schemes. We correspond by email, giving me details of what you require in your garden, as many notes as possible about planting likes and dislikes, and any materials used in the house structure or any existing features. I'll need as many photos as you can send by email, showing the garden from different angles.

You send me a paper or pdf copy of the site, which is often available from any building work that has been done. Alternatively you can provide a rough sketch (drawings will not be to scale).

I use this to create a garden design. I then create a Pinterest board for you and add images of suggested material and planting schemes. Obviously this is a much-simplified service and all measurements would need verifying on site by your garden landscapers. This service has been popular as it gives clients a starting point for their garden which is often the hardest part. All this for just £250.

I add notes to the Pinterest board so you can understand why I've posted an image. This board can be private or public as you wish. I am on hand to help with any queries along the way.

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