I need to write; I love to write. My first novel was written at the age of 13 about my big sisters drama-filled relationship and presented to them on their wedding day!

I wrote for a local magazine in Cornwall on a variety of gardening topics for 3 years and have published regular articles on my previous blog site 'Musings of a Cornish gardener in the city'. I am also a mother of three, two of them are twins, so you might also see the odd parenting article too!

I have contributed to James Alexander-Sinclair's 'Intogardens' website, including 'twigs', articles and book reviews and have had articles published by the RHS, Barefoot Media and Gapgardens.

I use Twitter and a Facebook page to promote my work and discuss a range of topics. I love writing about anything to do with gardens, gardeners, designers and design, but have written about many other things including photography, travel, family life, being a twin-mum, product reviews, architecture and interior design. I can write about any topic and enjoy the learning process of researching for the piece.

I am a full member of the Garden Media Guild.

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